85 Moons




Elder (Formerly)



Portrayed By:






Finchstar is the previous RiverClan leader. He retired at the age of 75 moons handing his position down to Sandstar. Finchstar later on died from greencough.


Finchstar is a small Amber tom with a golden under pelt and dark brown stripes running down his back with bright yellow eyes.


Finchstar is a sweet and aloof cat but sticks closely to the warrior code and speaks highly of respect. He would often stand tall and witht he pride of the clan behind him. He was soaking in authority and used it well.


Finchstar had just handed his leader position over to his lively deputy Sandpath who he had watched grow up from a tearful kit to a hardworking and lively cat he was now. Finchstar laughed when Sandpath made a smart assed remarked at him when he was off day dreaming. I continued to laugh has i told him " is that a way to treat the elderly? " He looked at me as if i had said something profound. His expression still showed on his face entirely. But when it came to his work he would be come calm and serious in a instant. He replied almost instantly " no i don't. But you no elder now are you Finchstar, if you where i doubt you would be jumping around like you do " he remarked so fast that i felt almost depressed. He was to smart for his own good and as pretty as a she-cat on top of that. I was glad i was giving my rank as leader of Riverclan to a cat like him. He would serve them with every thing he had and make the place lively on top of that.

I had retired for 10 months and in that first few months the storm had hit. Sandstar had been on a border patrol at the time. I pitied him for the first time in my life. His mother had disappeared and hadn't been there for about a week and he'd kept taking border patrols out. He had told me that he knew she wasn't going to return but he didn't want to accept what happened yet. Things seemed to running along when the winter came and whitecough started to go round the clans. That was my undoing. I had got greencough and knew my final hours where a pon me.