The ShadowClan is one of the four Clans and are known for their cunning ability with hiding and sneaking.


[Rinn add description eue, I don't know what's the clan is like in this particular situation w/o StarClan]


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Clan MembersEdit

Members of the Clan.

Admin Roles:Edit

  • Leader - Coldstar
  • Deputy - Darkfrost
  • Medicine Cat - TBA
  • Medicine Cat Apprentice - TBA

Member Roles:Edit

Cats portrayed by members.


  • Sandeyes


  • TBA


  • TBA


  • They are the only Clan to bunch their hindquarters before leaping to catch their prey
  • ShadowClan is always seems to be the "darker" of the Clans, often depicting them as the "bad guys", but on the contrary, ShadowClan cats can be kind and helping
  • ShadowClan are extremely proud cats, even so able to bring any kind of prey to the fresh kill pile, even if it looks strange.

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