The ThunderClan territory is near thick bushes and forests where there is plenty of cover and prey.


Twoleg landmarks nearby include the Hareview Campsite, Abandoned Workman's House, Quarry Road, and the Quarry.Landmarks here include:

  • Camp - The camp is well protected by the side of a cliff, and surrounded by a thorn barrier.
  • Greenleaf Twolegplace - This part of land was given to ShadowClan until ThunderClan fought for it back.
  • An abandoned Twoleg Nest - Herbs and prey thrive here, though it has an ominous feeling inside.
  • Sky Oak - An ancient oak where squirrels love to call home. It also has an old rabbit burrow inside. It is where ThunderClan apprentices practice their climbing skills.
  • Old Thunderpath - Marked with blue Twoleg markers, cats often stay away from this road.
  • The Clearing - A training hollow much like the old sandy hollow in the forest territory.
  • Lake Shore - ThunderClan has the north-eastern portion of the lake.
At the bottom of an old cliff, this camp is very well protected. The walls around the camp are smooth, indicating Twolegs cut this place moons ago. The cliffs also help keep out the wind. A thorn barrier guards the camp; any cat that wants to come in has to get past. A ledge peeks out from the cliff. That is the Highledge where the leader speaks. A cave near the top is the leader's den.The apprentice's den is also a cave in the rocks while the warrior den is under a big thornbush. The medicine cat's den is another cave, but this time hidden by bramble tendrils. Like the previous camp, the nursery is highly guarded, and under a big bramble thicket reinforced with thick roots woven together for protection. Lastly, the elder's den is in a hazel bush, and later rebuilt under the boughs of a beech tree and reinforced with honeysuckle.

List of PreyEdit

  • Sparrows
  • Small Birds
  • Voles
  • Mice
  • (Ocassionally) Rabbits
  • TBA

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